Purchase with Purpose

Shopping2help was created by two women who moved to the US from Latin America and Australia that are now based in NYC. Originally founded to help fight covid and give back to NYC, S2H has evolved into a larger mission that aims to give back to women across the globe through our Shopping2Help foundation. We believe that fast fashion can have a purpose and our goal is to not produce or stock any inventory without an end user.

  • Purchase with Purpose

    Purchase with Purpose - For every order placed $1.00 will go towards the S2H foundation - which primarily supports women's organizations around the globe

  • Shopping2Help

    S2H is committed to giving back on each and every purchase. We believe passionately in supporting women across the globe. If you have a cause you think we can support please reach out.

  • Purchase Individual or Bulk

    Whether you're looking to buy individually, place a bulk order or create a custom design we are here and happy to help.