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Madeline Love - W

Marquise Stone Pointed Bun Wrap Headpiece

Marquise Stone Pointed Bun Wrap Headpiece

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Marquise Stone Pointed Bun Wrap Headpiece, this stunning Leaf themed bridal headpiece is created using glittering and beautiful marquise stone that accents the beauty to a greater extent with a classy look. Wear this headpiece for a textured lovely feel and show your perfect choice. Add spectacular sparkle to your hair, Keep your hairstyle as glamorous as you are with this stone headpiece on any special occasion. It can be used in various ways. It stays comfortable with luxe on your girl's head. Easy to fasten and take off. Perfect for special occasions such as dancing parties, festivals, ceremonies, evening dinners, photography, seaside beach, etc. Make yourself stand out and classy with this beautiful headpiece.

 Color : Silver
 Theme : Wedding & Bridal
 Size : 13.5" X 6.25"
 A Pair Bobby Pin Included
 Marquise Stone Pointed Bun Wrap Headpiece

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